Switching to a Mac / Yes or No

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  1. So I'm in Best Buy and I see this awesome 24 computer screen with amazing graphics and I realize there is no box.

    Upon closer inspection I find incredible specs and I say to myself WHY am I staying with MS when I hate Vista and my XP is no longer being supported?

    So here is my question:

    Is it worth switching to Mac and running the Windows conversion software and what exactly does this entail?
  2. Switching is generally pretty easy. I also run Windows inside a Mac Window for things that can't be "converted" or don't have Mac equivalents.

    But those are few and far between.
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    XP will be supported until 2014...

    ...and the world will end in 2012. so you are covered. :)
  4. I'm thinking of buying a new computer anyways and I'm forced to buy Vista.

  5. What happens if my Charting software is compatible BUT my Platform is not?

    I wouldn't imagine you could run both OS at the same time.

    So in essence I would be running windows anyways right?
  6. At least Dell, HP, and Lenovo still offer "workstations" with XP...

    XP will be allowed on "downgrade rights" at least until early 2011, so says MSFT.
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    I don't understand the people that don't like Vista, it's working fine for me here, better than the XP machine..

    Leo Laporte has always been a MAC afficionado for non-business use but recently he started saying that Windows7 puts Windows on a par with MACs. He said that the thing about the MAC still is that the hardware is high quality [and pricey]...
  8. I've had my Mac Pro for a couple months (switched from XP pro). I run VMWare Fusion for XP Pro and have found that it runs better than on the Dell it replaced. There is an option with Fusion or Parallels that will allow you to run the Windows applications just like any other program on your Mac (so you're not bothered with seeing the Windows start menu).

    I use IB, so they have a java version of TWS and there are plenty of charting applications available. Also thinkorswim has a Mac version available that runs well.

    Overall, I am very happy with Mac and their tech support.
  9. Actually you CAN run multiple OSes simultaneously on a Mac:


    I run WinXP, Vista, Windows20003-server, Windows2008, Ubuntu, and Solaris on my Mac for testing and development. You're really only limited by available RAM.

    Parallels used to be on top when the Intel Macs 1st came out. But the latest VMware Fusion 2 has improved a lot and is now the superior package.
  10. Interesting !

    So I would have to have a window with the OS open ontop of the OS and then I would open my program inside that window?

    Just trying to get a feel for what it would look like and functionality.

    In an example of charts on one OS and trading platform running on another OS.
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