Switching On Long Unused PCs In Light Of Recent Cyber Attacks

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  1. Hello,

    I have two PCs I haven't switched on for many months.Obviously the first thing I'll do is windows update/antivirus but do I need to worry about these recent nasties infecting me immediately and if so are there any precautions I can take?
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    They always go after the easy meat and there's a tonne of that out there.

    Don't go to dodgy websites (offering things like free sports when it should be paid for) and never open an attachment, and you'll be fine.

    As for your 2 PCs, pull the internet plug out, start them up, go through your data and files, see if there's anything important, if so back it up to a USB drive. Then put the internet plug back in and do the software updates.
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    PS. Before you plug the internet back in, remove the USB drive.
  4. Switch to Linux.
  5. Disconnect your network hardware, download a good antivirus/malware/security program like ESET Nod32 Antivirus & Internet Security and install it on your PC via a USB stick.

    Once that is done and definitions are up to date, reconnect your network hardware and ESET should take care of the rest.

    ESET blocks everything, I can visit the dodgiest sites on the web and I'm literally untouchable.
  6. sad to say....not just the dodgiest website... I was inspired to donate to my son's orphanage in the Philippines yesterday, clicked on the link, took forever to load, took me to a bunch of "bad" sites.. I thought I mistyped, re-scanned my Norton just to make sure, then typed URL carefully, the site came on , clicked the "Donate" button, and small windows kept popping up.. so I kept clicking trying to desperately outrace new windows popping up...closed my browser and re-scanned ... hopefully I did not get infected since this is my main PC for trading...nothing is sacred to these mofo's ...not even orphanges. :-(
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  7. what about porn sites like redtube, never had an issue but are they safe....i love watching pawg videos while i wait for the market to do something
  8. bog!..now I gotta google pawg! ...lol
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    I'm running XP on two old laptops.
    I attempted to download the MS security updates and couldn't for some reason.
    I think the reason is, I've buggered up IExplorer settings, as IExplorer is the crappiest piece of software invented by man.
    Security patch updates have been released recently by MS for XP
    Anyhow, the old workhorse laptops are still going without any patches applied, fingers crossed and touch wood.
  10. don't, they are addictive
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