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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Dustin, Jun 5, 2001.

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    This question is mainly for def, but if anyone else has an answer please respond.

    I have a futures only account with IB, but now that commissions were lowered for equities I would like to switch the account to either and equity account, or one that allows me to trade both. I just talked with an IB representative and they told me that I have to open a new account.

    Is there any way around this? Can't they just switch the status of the account?
  2. I have a futures account with IB and a stock and options account. They do not allow both in one account.
  3. WarEagle

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    Its true that you have to have seperate accounts, but moving funds between them is a snap. Once you've opened the stock account, you can just transfer funds as needed by logging into your futures account and then selecting the transfer option.

    I would love to see an equity/futures combo account, but I'm sure there is a regulatory trash heap standing in the way.

  4. Dustin


    OK thanks guys.
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    you pretty much got the reply from the others before I saw this post. Regulatory reasons require the seperate accounts. When going through the opening online, most of your information will be completed for you. I understand that there will eventually be a workstation that will display/trade all of your linked accounts via one screen. I really do not know the time frame on this but it is in the pipeline.