Switching from Stocks to Options

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    The simplest way to make a smooth transition from stock trading to options trading, is to implement a straightforward, directional stock trading strategy, based upon your existing stock trading system, the only real reason you prefer options trading in this case, is because you can take advantage of the asymmetrical behavior of Delta. That is what allows you to win $1,000 from a given stock price move, and only lose $700 if you are wrong and incur the same stock price trend on the losing side.
    Many traders make the mistake of attempting to make directional option trades, on large magnitude stock price movements, by buying way OTM (way out-of-the-money) options, these options have a very low Delta, it can be as low as 0.05, the good thing is that these OTM options are very cheap, if the move does happen as expected, and it is large, they will make a lot of money, but during the first few dollars of stock movement, while still at the OTM phase, the option only gains $0.05 for every dollar the stock moves in their favour!
    As long as you are adequately financed, and can afford the deep-In-The-Money options, then you are better off buying those instead, they will cost more, but they have a higher probability of making money, even if the stock doesn’t make the expected strong move, you still make money from day one! From the slightest price movement.
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    Or you can go to http://www.optionsweekly.com and sign up for a free options newsletter with real stock ideas every week!
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    Or, you can take the time to learn about options and their various characteristics, do some research, build a watch list and employ a strategy or two that you've back tested

    Let's face it. Option trading can be difficult to master - especially in this market. Yet, the best way to become successful is to work at it, while learning from your mistakes. There are no mystical super secret strategies that will work all the time in all markets.

    If you are going to use a strategy someone else suggests, make sure you've paper traded it and fully understand all the characteristics in both successful and unsuccessful trades.

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