switching from es to bund

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by sirkiplin, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. sirkiplin


    Do any of you have any suggestions on the best quote provider and online broker for trading the bund?

    Are there any general threads or websites that are devoted to bund trading?
  2. RedDuke


    Why do you want to switch? ES moves very fast comparing to BUND. BUND is probably the toughest one to trade since it is in range most of the time.
  3. Spoo


    Thats the idea! - it makes it easier not tougher. Higher probability events with less risk exposure. Ideal! But it does put some big moves in on the numbers.

    As for broker - RGC? Man? Velocity?
  4. RedDuke


    Can you please explain why it is easier when contrct mostly ranges.

    I use Velocity and very happy with them.
  5. He believes he can anticipate the range and that it'll persist long enough for him to scalp some profit out of it.
  6. Spoo



    If there is little to change value, and price moves on paper, then thats opportunity!

    Patient as always.
  7. Interactive Brokers is find for trading Bund, Bobl, ESTX50 and DAX :)