switching from ER2 to ES

Discussion in 'Journals' started by bandit77, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Russell will remain on CME through SEP08 contract.

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  2. And don't expect the same bang for buck you've been getting in the ER2 when you go ES.. you may find you are not even profitable with the same strike rate
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  3. lol, thanks.

    I'm not looking for systems, just opinions on making the switch from ER2 to ES from people who have done it.
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  4. It doesn't work, you want it to because the grail is such a lovely tale.. but you are just setting him up to lose
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  5. finally, thank you Baron. Yes, that's one thing that worries me. ES also seems to move much slower, due to the liquidity.
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  6. If it aint broke..
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  7. what's most likely to happen is I will continue trading ER2, but after I finish ER2 for the day, ie at a good stopping point, I will trade 1 ES contract to get use to its movements.
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  8. Again, I encourage you to try NQ. There is an ample literature here of working systems by Joe Doaks and N.Q. Enqueue for you to try.
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  9. bandit,
    I traded the ER2 (while back) and have since mainly traded the ES. For me, it was a good switch.

    Some differences you will see:
    > volume obviously
    > wild spikes not as noticeable as on the ER2
    > certain levels defended more heavily, ie certain analysis can lead to easier trades due to the volume and heavy hitters trading the ES

    It's a different market in comparison to the ER2 for sure. Depending on trading methodology, this can be good or bad.
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  10. The ES totally rocks:
    1-HUGE volume
    2-Not going anywhere...the ER2 is going to ICE and IB already is not trading it...not looking good for the ER2
    3-"thick" at the given price levels..not "whip prices" with no real volume at it
    4-you can throw up to 500-1,000 contracts at it and no slippage...I've not done it but heard you can...
    5-News on the SP 500 is all over, all over...the top 500 US companies are in it...
    5-really, unlimited potential of income trading the ES as there are no volume concerns at all...

    Yes...the ES is the BEST!!!...the ER2 will be going the "way of the buffalo" soon...
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