switching from ER2 to ES

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  1. I trade ER2 now, but want to switch to ES for the liquidity. can anyone who has done the switch comment? I'm curious how long it took you to become consistently profitable in ES after the switch if you were consistently profitable in ER2? TIA
  2. Why not try NQ? Plenty of liquidity. Easy money!
  3. Speaking of the Russell, isn't the index supposed to be moving to ICE? What's the latest word on that?
  4. maybe NQ. but ES seems to be the most popular so I wanted to try it.
  5. yes, another reason I wanted to try ES. let the new ER2 settle down
  6. Well, if you insist. In that case I recommend that you trade the SCT system, which is designed for, and tuned to, ES.
  7. what's the SCT system?
  8. Don't ask
  9. A free method that will consume months of your time and some of your trading capital.
  10. Bandito, pay no attention to the dis- and de-tractors. Go to the Journals section and look up "Spydertrader's Jack Hershey Futures Trading Journal". All will be revealed. The assholes who just posted don't want you to learn it and take away some of the money they are raking in trading it.
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