switching from cable to DSL

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  1. anyone out there who has done this?
    I have a network of two machines and the comcast modem.
    I imagine the conversion can be quite painless or seamless if I get the DSL coming near the same room where the cable is.
    I suppose I need to swap the modem and that's that?
    I need no redundancy or speed as I don't daytrade.
    Can I keep the same router I suppose as if I recall it is DSL/Cable ready...(netgear)
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    I am not sure what you are asking - it sounds as if you are saying that if you connect a DSL modem to the same wire that you are now using for cable, and that is all you have to do.

    DSL runs over phone lines. That means you have to have the phone company and not the cable company come in and do an installation, and turn on the service on their switches etc.

    Otherwise, it is seamless.

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    I just switched from Road runner to SBC yahoo. New modem in the mail , hooked up phone line filter , reconfigured router , installed software. All done. Pretty simple.

  4. As described by the others, it should be quite simple. You won't need to do anything to your computers or to the cables connecting them to the router. All you have to do is remove the cable modem and replace it with the DSL modem. You will then have to go into your router and change the type of connection it makes and provide your username and login. Be sure to use all the filters on all appliances connecting to your phone line except the DSL modem.

    If you are unsure or confused, pay for the install. It will save you a lot of headaches. Also, make sure you are within 21,000 FT of the Central Office to get the full bandwidth you are buying. You can check this by going to www.dslreports.com and enter your zip in the installation page.
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    I personally would advise against that switch. I did exactly the opposite, switching from DSL to cable and never regretted it.
    Pricewise actually cable is cheaper than an extra phoneline+DSL (I needed an extra line because the normal carrier didn't have DSL), and my Verizon DSL kept dropping the signal. Also my connection is faster now.

    But go ahead with the change, I am curious to hear in a few months if you are going to be happy with it or not....
  6. Funny. I have had experience with 3 cable providers and my story is the exact opposite. I believe cable is a lot less reliable than DSL. It all depends on the provider and the location.
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    The reason I went from cable to dSL was reliability. My cable would go out. And call Time Warner say my cable was out. They would send out a tech in a couple of days. They would say yeah its a weak signal, but only on a few channels. Oh you mean Road runner. We don't know what that problem is, we will just lay another line. See if that fixes it. After eight visits in a month I switched to DSL.

    Speed is not the only requirement for broadband. If ya got no connection you got no speed. Just wait til you are in a position and lose a connection.

  8. i've had dsl 6 years and cable modem 2 and cable is much better . cable is so much faster . the realiability has been the same for both as they're out maybe once a year.

  9. funny.. you describe the exact same problem I am currently having with Time Warner Cable...

    Cable sucks.... DSL rules imo
  10. I have both DSL and Cable. I have Verizon DSL, and Patriot Media Cable. Verizon keeps dropping, it has to be restarted several times a day, so I only have it as a backup. Cable has a problem for a few minutes every 4 months or so, and is extremely reliable. It sounds like Time Warner blows, but Patriot Media, which I believe has a similar network to Optimum Online is excellent. When my DSL contract is up in a few months, I'm going to dump it, because my Cable has never been down more than 10 minutes total in 8 months.
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