Switching Euro Account to Dollar

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by Fishbird, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Fishbird



    I have a Euro Account at IB and switched all my Euro to US Dollar a couple of month ago, because i think Dollar will rise.

    Do i get paid or do i pay Interest?
  2. just21


    Above $10,000 you get interest. Do you still think the dollar is going to rise?
  3. Fishbird


    Yea i am staying long USD, short Euro for some years to come.
    But i wouldnt bet on this with higher leverage than 1:1 as this is just a stomach feeling.
    The Monthly Chart just spoke to me and so i switched my base to USD without stops or anything.

    Btw were can i see how high the Interest rate is for USD or EUR at IB?
    I wonder if i can pay my Data subscription ( $1400 annually) with earned Interests on a $100000 Account.

  4. MrProfit


    I don't want to impose anything, but I personally believe it will happen otherwise.

    You're gonna lose money, my friend.
  5. just21


  6. Euro will rise.
  7. MrProfit


    You gotta be flexible.
    FOREX is full of bankrupted accounts of people who think they are always right.

    Fundamentally $$$ goes down the drain in the 2006.
    It's time to open your eyes.