switching cable to dsl question

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by invaliduser, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. I am going from cable and getting verizon dsl.

    Can I get the basic dsl modem and plug it into my d-link wireless router ? thank you!
  2. JackR


    Yes. You may have to set your router to the modem IP address but there should be instructions on how to do it. Verizon has no problems (businesswise) with multiple PCs connected to one connection via a router.

    The Verizon modem I have is actually a modem/router, a Westell 2200. I don't know what they provide now.
  3. danoXP


    Should work fine ... but, remember to:

    1.Change the DNS lookups on the DLink setup page to Verizon ones.

    2.Make sure you don't have a static IP from Verizon (you probably don't, but i do).

    3. Don't disconnect the cable service until you are satisfied with VerizonDSL (we have a 5 to 10 second disconnect every hour or so ... breaks VoIP calls and interrupts the IB trading platforms)

    Whatever you do ... don't load the Verizon software on your PC ;)
  4. JackR


    DanoXP makes a good point. If I remember what I did was to ignore the disk provided with the Verizon modem and accessed it via my Browser. If I remember correctly (it's been a while) I had to connect the PC directly to the modem initially to set it up, then I was able to put the router between the PC and the modem.

    If I remember the verizon software loads a bunch of items on your machine which basically setup Verizon and MSN as defaults for browsing.
  5. andyszyd


    In my experience I went from DSL verizon (unreliable, lousy technical support, relatively slow) to Roadrunner cable (superfast, very reliable, no need for support so far)

    I would never go to Verizon DSL even if they offered it to me free for life.
  6. JackR


    How long ago was your changeover?

    I think Verizon understands where the world is headed and has made many changes in their approach to the digital world.

  7. andyszyd


    About a year, even if they improved since then they are no match for cable, so if you have both 0ptions available there is no brainer.
    DSL sucks!
  8. bighog

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    DSL is slower than cable.

    Verison is not so hot like everyone else they want the money.
  9. I am thinking of Verizon cause I seriously want cheap , crappy service.

    Is the DNS the same as DCHP ?

    I wonder if a router can utilize a signal from another wireless router. I have tried it but do not think there is any way it will work.
  10. omniscient

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    no. DNS is what converts domain names into ip addresses (i.e. www.cisco.com translates to

    DHCP dynamically assigns ip addresses to devices within a given network/subnet.

    i don't guess i quite understand what you are trying to do - can you provide a little more deatil?


    take care -

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