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  1. I have been visiting this site for information and sometimes humor (i regularly read 40yotraders thread, link below, it's a classic) but I now have a serious question and I would like someone who's been in my position to give an honest answer.

    I'm 22 and started investing with Scottrade when I turned 18, gradually went to options and for the past year I have been trading options but not too heavily. I have had some major success but 90% due to luck, ran my account from 2k to 13k this past year and got sidetracked with CPA studying and took out 10k for a Becker review and to move out on my own. I know most of it was luck this past year, I primarily trade the TNA and TZA options and did pretty well then hit a major homerun with BAC calls last december. So with that said I am no expert and am not able to do spreads or anything more than buying puts and calls in my Scottrade account. Assuming you believe me that I am disciplined enough, is there a way for me to trade any type of emini future or really my main question is what is the next step for me? A little while back I pulled all my money from Scottrade and they called asking for an explanation I said its too expensive and they cut my commissions to a fraction of their regular costs. My parents neighbor is a successful fund manager by my standards ($150AUM) and told me I would do fine trading eminis if I put some money back in my account but which broker should I go with if this is actually a good route. I have always wanted to switch to an IB account but they recently changed their futures requirements to 25k.

    Any suggestions from actual traders (preferably younger traders) who have been in this situation?

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