Switches (rack stuff high end 10/100)

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  1. uplink is 100 or gig only - consider it to be a 10/100 switch with gig uplink or gig stacking.

    Two switches:

    Linksys brand (Cisco) Pro Connect series PC22224

    - 24-port managed switch. ports are 10/100, there are two "module" interfaces where you can install gig copper or gig fiber modules - but I never needed those so it was purchased without. I pulled this from a colo environment so it was 100% climate controlled, dust free (pretty much and what wasn't I cleaned out).

    Honestly i don't know why anyone on here would be interested in this but why not offer it out. If you have or know of a non-profit/charity, etc. that could use this send me a compelling PM and I may be convinced to donate it. Broke/hungry/starving traders are not charity cases - must have legit 501c3 (or similar, church, school certificate for example) for me to consider as "charity".

    has rack ears and power cord - i just want this thing gone.

    ??? $75 ???? (pretty unsure about prices for this... make offer)


    Switch #2, Dell PowerConnect 3424. (THIS IS NOT PoE version)

    - This was purchased by a client brand new from Dell by mistake. At the time their IT guy installed it into the rack and then never told them that they had bought the wrong one. It has sat (with power off) for a few years in the rack doing absolutely nothing.

    It has quad gig uplinks (2 copper and 2 fiber) it is a FULLY MANAGED switch, it is a 24-port 10/100 switch. Comes with ears, works excellent, has latest firmware uploaded, etc.

    $100/obo (shipped)