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  1. A little background....

    I am an engineer in Silicon Valley making about 150-160k per year. I've been in this line for about 10 years. I am considering a switch to trading options full time because wife wants more money (and I am pretty bored with my job as well :) )

    The questions ..
    1. Should I even consider it or suck it up and just get on with life? I can start with about 100k.

    2. How to handle a wife who is not happy with the money you make?
  2. Hello.
    I would most definately stick to my job making 160 k a year.

    learn swing trading... and do swing trades on the side.

    More importantly.. boot your wife in the ass .. kick her out the house .. if she doesn't appraciate her husband bringing in 160k / year which is more than almost 90% of the population... then you need to give her the boot... if you have no kids with her that is.

    I've had this issue myself before.

    Let me guess.. she just hangs around the house and nags all day right?
  3. get a new wife; it is wrong reason to impress your wife with bigger dick! srry; bigger pay check.:D
  4. along with swing trading, an engineer might think about developing automated systems. could be right in your wheel house...
  5. I don't understand how someone could give up a reliable career with a guaranteed salary to pursue something that doesn't guarantee anything. It's easier to guarantee that you'll lose money than gain it in this business.
  6. Notice that he also said he is bored with his career. It's not just his wife.

    To the OP: Sure you will get a lot of excitement in trading. But is it worth giving up a stable 160k job? Because I bet trading is the most stressful job in the world and less than 5% of traders are making over 160k a year...If you are new, you are looking at a huge learning curve also. If you are experienced perhaps you can employ options strategies while u r working..Don't give up your job.
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    Take a week off work. Trade see how you like it, see if you can
    make any money. See if you can handle the new environment.

    If it positive then take another week off and make sure the answer is still the same before you leave.

    I am stealing this from someone. "Trading is one of the hardest ways to make the easiest money"

    By the way making 150k trading for yourself will be very hard....

    Lastly trading is even harder without having that nice paycheck coming in.
  8. Tell your wife to get a fucking job.

    P.S. Get a good divorce attorney, before she does.
  9. 1. If losing the money doesn't affect you in any way shape or form, then do it.

    2. Get a new wife, 160K is inline with any respectable profession be it an engineer, doctor or lawyer.

    If she doesn't appreciate that fact, then tell her to find a way to make more money herself, you are doing just fine.
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