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    I also use a White Castle pickle bucket on really volatile days to gather da 'PIPS!

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  2. How do you suggest I learn then, by guessing?

    Is this not a forum for education?

    Sometimes when people say things I don't know, I am unable to find the answer and ask for a little help in the learning process.

    I did look for information on "spot" but found none, hence I asked, knowing full well that there would prolly be a jackass trying to boost their ego by slamming me. Glad I could be of service "Curve".

    You must be so intelligent that you never asked a question in your life. I am jealous.

    By the way, thanks for the answer, at least you were good enough to do that.


    PS How much do you make in a day? (Maybe your justified.
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    P.S. People that talk about how much they make don't make any money.
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