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  1. SFZ07 Swiss Franc, CME

    Here is the opening tide trade for the 10/8 NA session.

    Price moved down to 8489. Longs set at 8489.

    Target 1 = 8529.
    Target 2 = 8568.

    SF is a good vehicle in my opinion. Especially for those just getting going. Volatility is adequate but not usually crazy. Margin is around $1,350 per contract and tick value is $12.50. I trade this contract often nowadays and keep my expectations modest for ticks, but try to trade larger contract sizes.

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  3. Are you just posting this for info? I trade electronically on globex not pit traded.
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    I was wondering what his point was!
    I have SFZ07 on my radar as well DRT, looks ok here. I was waiting for 1.1850 on USDCHF and it never got there. I generally watch Spot and trade Futures.

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  5. I used to do the same thing. I made a decision some time ago not to let the spot values influence my decisions. It is hard because I realize they actually do influence futures traders. I just started missing good trades because of information overload.
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    What do you watch in Spot to trade in Futures???

    In what way do you think Spot has an influence Futures???
  7. What is spot? - not a symbol on my chart... :confused:
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    I collect PIPS in a little metal bucket from the SPOT and then try to predict the future by the time it takes to fill it.

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  9. swissy is good but I think the pound is the ultimate currency to trade for beginners. 6.25 tick value is hard to beat when starting out. I have recently moved from trading the grains overnight to trading the pound, euro, canadian dollar, yen, swissy in the morning from 4am-7:30. I am still in high school so this is about my only option for intra day trading. Really great market for trends and if you are wrong you don't get roughed up too bad with the small tick size and tight spreads usually.
  10. Foreign exchange spot trading is buying one currency with a different currency for immediate delivery, rather than for future delivery.

    The standard settlement timeframe for Foreign Exchange Spot trades is T+2 days, i.e., 2 days from the date of trade execution.

    I am amazed at some of the questions people ask on here...
    next time do some research "insane investor"

    good website for this is
    I unlike Surdo use a plastic bucket instead of a metal one to collect my PIPS...
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