Swissie spike!

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  1. Anyone have any Eur/chf scalpers that just took a hit on that spike? I was just triggered instantly on 2 trades (automated) and they blew out my stops on all 4 platforms (3 demos 1 live).

    That was blatant "
    FU stop trading those 5pm-8pm scalpers!"

    LOL, the bs is getting out of control.
  2. It looks like they did it simultaneously in the Euro, Yen, and Swiss Franc.
    I saw it and looked to see how far it moved the equities, but since it was a mistake or an orchestrated stop run the ES did not move at all.
  3. Yeah they did this sh*t to all the FAP Turbo traders who got in late in the game a few months ago. It's been a helluva run for automated code, it's over in FX.

    Also blew out account with a martingale eur/chf system back a few months ago during a Swiss National Bank intervention. It was umm... what's the word.. devastating.. to see 4 levels of martingale blown out in a less than a minute.

    Martingale is a model right?
  4. It's a double-edged sword. You move size between sessions and you take a risk. The target was not EURCHF, but you're focusing on it because you trade that pair. EURUSD moved 40 pips, a larger move that EURCHF. It's a correlation trade and arb-relationships force the vol to spread among the majors.

    The tail that wags the dog? Do you honestly believe that JPM knows that metatrader EAs exist?
  5. aegis


    You consider that a spike?

    You haven't been trading for very long have you?
  6. WTF is a FAP Turbo? Who did what to whom? Why do you think that "they" know WTF a FAP Turbo is?
  7. It was deliberate towards all these scalpers, bro, I've been trading automated code for over a year and watching the statements EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT. I've been watching M5 and M1 charts EVERY PHUKKIN DAY for 3 1/2 years now, trust me, that was a stop run of some sort.

    I'm finally putting it down for good. I just gave back 10 days worth or profits over some edited commercial code, it's not worth it. That was a lot of waking up at 2 am in the damn morning my time to tick phuk the euro for 10-25ticks at a time.

    5 lots on 2 separate trades on a 5:1 risk:reward, 88% profitable system(dynamic s/l stopped me out for -12 and -9 thankfully). It just sucks but there's no shortcut, Atticus told me 100 times.
  8. lol FAP turbo was the best commercial FX automated code ever. It had a helluva run for 4 years.

    There were several spikes on Eur/gbp from 5pm-8pm EST that hit stoplosses on fapturbo. All those Eur/gbp and eur/chf are channel traders with a directional filter. Brokers started widening spreads and MMers spiked Eur/gbp many time hitting s/ls.

    You'd have to be following automated code pretty closely to notice this, but it's is directed at the automated code, there is no doubt.
  9. It's not just MT4, there are many programs outside of MT4 that scalp the 5pm-8pm timeframe.
  10. I have noticed this a few times now. What could be the reasons people would be doing this? Well, apart from the EA theory :)

    Surely, during the uk/us session they would get better executions due to less market impact?
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