Swiss politician threatens to disclose top German tax cheats

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  1. A Swiss member of parliament alleged Saturday that top German public officials had secret bank accounts in Switzerland and threatened to out them if Germany purchased stolen data.

    Alfred Heer, of the hard-right Swiss People's Party (SVP), told the daily Bild that his party would work towards having the law changed to allow the names to be published.

    Bild said that Swiss financial sources had evidence that German politicians and judges maintained tax-dodging accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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    well done. give them back what they deserve ! :)
  3. There is a wave of panic among German tax dodgers. There are lineups reported at tax lawyers offices of people trying to get consulted on how to turn themselves in. German law guarantees tax dodgers who turn themselves in and pay all taxes plus interest to remain without a jail term :cool:
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    Hahahh! Scumbags! Stand up to them you brilliant swiss! :p
  5. I thought all the dirty germans were in Austria...
  6. No one should have to pay taxes, it is a privilege of the state to extract taxes from you not a right
  7. Mr. Heer, please release all names and let me have a good laugh ! :D :p :)
  8. What a nice little fantasy land you live in.