Swiss party wants to punish U.S. for UBS probe

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  1. dave74


    Secret Swiss bank accounts should never have existed to begin with. I'm glad the government is finally going after these tax cheats.
  2. Sorry, US has NO right probing swiss banks. They are a sovereign nation with their own competitive tax laws.
  3. Where will these assholes hide their money then?

    I guess Israel.
  4. Specterx


    Tax cheats with secret offshore accounts may as well be taking money directly from the pockets of every hard-working, tax-paying American. If they want to avoid American taxes so badly, then I'm sure they can pony up the $100k to get citizenship in Switzerland or the Caymans. There are probably about a billion honest, hardworking people around the world who would love to get that U.S. passport and pay taxes like everyone else.

    If the Swiss don't like it then we can confiscate UBS' American assets and revoke their business licenses. No more free rides.
  5. tman


    How is it UBS or Switzerland's problem if the USA can't convince or compel it's own citizens to comply with US tax laws????
  6. Let us rephrase that. How is it the USA's problem if someone killed 300 people in Zurich, and then flee to the USA and asks asylum...
  7. The US wouldnt need to raise so much taxes if it wasnt for so many wasteful wars, bank bailouts, pork spending and so on.
  8. 1. I'm sure those 'cheats' would be more willing to pay their taxes IF they didn't observe the constant WASTE, CORRUPTION, & fiscal stupidity of the US & state governments.

    2. Those 'billion' hardworkers who want to come to the US, want to come BECAUSE the government is stupid in many cases to treat foreigners better than they do its own citizens.

    3. As soon as those 'billion' are assimilated within US society (it takes about 5-7 years), they too become just as rotten/lazy because that's what this country is doing right now.

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