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  1. What is the earning of Swiss Janitors when converted to US dollar? .8183 is the exchange rate.
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    I would say around 50k $. Just an estimate.
  3. switzerland is very expensive
  4. that's what i heard as well. but they do have high salaries to compensate the high cost of living.

    According to an AC Nielsen Euro-Barometer study conducted in 2005, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, after Norway, Denmark and Finland. The main items of expenditure in one’s budget are insurance, such as health insurance, invalidity insurance, unemployment insurance and private insurance policies (23% of a typical household budget in 2005), accommodation and energy (17%), tax (13%) and food and clothing (11%).

    Other recurring monthly expenditure includes transport and fuel (12%), restaurant meals (6%), healthcare (5%) and communications (2%). In 2005, disposable income – the amount remaining after compulsory deductions (social security contributions, taxes, basic health insurance, etc.) – amounted to 72.6% of gross household income, averaging CHF 8 967.
  5. After taxes and paying higher living expenses, expect to actually take in less than their US counterpart.
  6. Exchange rate touched 0.8085. The swiss people got more than 1% USD raise in just few hours.
  7. Switzerland is also the place with the highest density of millionaires.
  8. I dont know about that...people dumping their money in swiss bank accounts doesnt really mean they live there.
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    Ithink that's right.If you are employed in a swiss firm or have a swiss firm, you pay taxes comparable to France, which is a lot higher than the US.Switzerland is nice for people residing in Switzerland with their business elsewhere...
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    Switzerland is also probably the most corrupt country on the planet.

    How many billions have their banks laundered and had on deposit over the last 100 years?

    Basically the banks have no shame and will do business with anyone from murderous african dictators to corrupt south american despots and every sort of (rich) lowlife in between.

    Got to hand it to the Swiss marketers for making their country is like the Swiss family Robinsons, all wholesome, pure and lovely. But look behind the cuckoo clocks and chocolate and it's one nasty cesspool of corruption where all you need is lots of money for everyone to look the other way.
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