Swiss Franc Bounce?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Wayne Gibbous, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Long CHF Dec @ 7933

    Think I can get a little (<1%) bounce in a couple weeks.

    Don't trade these much. Any thoughts from you guyz?
  2. Oops... :(

    This was hanging in there okay, until a few minutes ago. Thanks Fed.

    Oh well I've been eating too much lately, anyway! :D
  3. Back to even!

    Little bit more, maybe?
  4. Ugh.

  5. Did I say bounce?

    I meant..."This one will probably drop much further, so I'd wait a bit."

    Yeah. That's what I meant. :p

    edit: And no, I don't get tired of talking to myself! :D
  6. Doing better!

    Target ~ 7960 (li'l scalp)

  7. I know everybody is very interested on how this trade is going.

    Well yesterday I had a sell order at 7961. Guess where the high of the day was?

    Yep, 7960. Now we are back to 7900 and I'm losing my a** again. @#%&er!

    Cruel cruel market...

    But we'll give 'er some more time. Don't give up yet!!! :D
  8. Can you post a chart?
    I'd like to see your rationale here.

    FWIW, currency traders NEVER say die.:)
  9. Rationale is just another system I'm trying that looks for oversold (on a nice, usually, well-behaved currency - don't try it on heating oil!), then tries a small scalp. If I'd been smart, and a tiny less greedy, I'd be out now and looking for a new trade. :mad:

    Still, the trade isn't terrible, yet. All I need is one more bounce! :cool:

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  10. CHF is comin' back...

    You guys ought to be propping this thing up for me. Then I'd be out and shut the hell up! :D
    #10     Oct 19, 2006