Swiss bank vs Bobby Fischer

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  2. You can tell when a company, like UBS, is dog shit by the commercials they choose to air.

    Cue announcer with smug, deep base voice:

    "Wherever you are, we're right next to you.
    We just call it 'You and Us'.
    You and Us. UBS."

    What the fuck is <i>that</i> supposed to mean?!
    Did they expect potential clients not to notice this obvious barrage of words that say nothing?

    Advertising Executive: Alright, what are the positive features and advantages of banking with UBS, which you'd like us to convey to the public?

    UBS: Um... well.... <i>Scheissa.</i> To be frank, there really aren't any. We kind of suck, actually.

    Advertising Executive: OK, No problemo. We'll just throw a bunch of empty words together, and have it all read by a guy with a nice deep voice. People aren't generally too bright. The ad will still work, trust me.

    UBS: I'm so full of anticipation that my genitals have sucked into my body cavity! Would you like to touch my monkey? Touch him! Love him! Rühren mein Affe. Lieben meine Affe-monkey! Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance...
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    this has US goverment written all over it
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    Fischers fault. It looks like UBS sent him several notices and ample time to move his assets before liquidation.

    UBS has the choice to do business with whoever they choose to just as Fischer has a choice to to business with whoever he wishes to do business with.
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    Under writing is a huge business for them

  6. :D :D
    Heheh, reminds me of an add with some supposedly happy campers, rabbiting on about "the personal touch", the "face to face" goodness of the company.
    Uh huh....actors, saying stuff to people they've NEVER MET, in a home loan co. ad that cost more than most peoples homes..........
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    RM - That's Hilarious...

    I was actually thinking the same thing (WTF... ) as I heard the commercial in the background on CNBC during lunch Fri.

    I immediately though of my cousin - works Investment Banking there. So, I emailed her and I asked her what was up with that... she said they were all having a joke over it. Brutal.
  8. WTF is this chicken scratch?
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    Ahahaahahahaha :D

    Fischer quit school at age fifteen or so to dedicate himself 100% to chess. While he may not be school educated, no one doubts his intellectual capacity. For example, he taught himself at a young age enough Russian and Spanish and several other languages to be able to read foreign chess journals.

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    I feel that way too...

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