Swingtrading with options

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  1. Is it better than with futures?
  2. If you think there will be a price shift up between 4 and 12 weeks, is it not better to buy calls? To sleep peacefully ...
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    Do you have a method that can with decent probability gain several percent? If so, just see for yourself. Look at your last few trades. Use your broker's data to see if buying an ATM or ITM 1-2 month call at what was your futures trade entry. Then see what it would have sold at when you closed the futures trade.
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  4. I have experience with futures but not with options. I see 2 advantages: I can use more leverage and sleep more calmly if I buy calls instead of the future. Disadvantage: I lose the premium, the movement must be broad to be profitable. Anyone who does this type of trading can advise me?
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    Long calls or puts can work for you IF you have a very strong system for the underlying that consistently delivers big gains short term, and if you have strong volume with tight spreads.

    Otherwise, you'll just bleed your account.
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  6. I usually trade the Dax by swingtrading and for the moment it works well for me, the idea of using options is to be able to use more leverage and be able to sleep more peacefully. I understand that with the purchase of calls I can only lose the premium, am I right?
  7. If you have the capital to pay the premium and you catch a broad three-month movement, I think it can be a great deal.
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    Yes, you are only at risk for the cost of the position.

    The only way for you to know if calls would work for you is to make a few trades and watch them develop. Everything else is just speculation.
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    Trade Futures and hedge it.
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