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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Parabol, Jun 18, 2001.

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    could anyone name one, two or three swingtrading websites that are worth to be examined?
    Since there are many traders on elitetrader, whose posts I really appreciate, I was imagining that one of you guys could help me if so kind.
    Well, thanks for any response.

  2. come to the yahoo elitetradinginaction club
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    tradingmarkets.com is spectacular for all styles of trading
    intermediate, swing, and day

    alan farley has a wonderful site @ hardrightedge.com

    Linda Raschke has a great site with some excellent free atricles @ mrci.com/lbr/

    and reality trader has a solid room ran by two swing traders

    PEACE and good trading,

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  5. Parabol -

    What are you looking for - only education or swing trading picks and trading plans?

    Are you looking to swing trade equities or indices (via tracking stocks)?
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    For swing ideas I look at Mr swing .com
    candlestick.com, and pristine.com/ppsn-----------------and hopefully come up with few plays
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    first I would like to thank you for the replies that will certainly take me further...

    I was looking for some education in regard for finding swing highs/lows and a few approaches to it, because the way I am working now I manage to find one nice stock a month (little time and a spartan equipment). The last one was ALTR on Friday, but there the trendlines (based the top of beginning of January and Mid-April and Mid-May and especially the lows from beginning April end of May helped me together with the DSS-Blau and its KAMA. I was wondering if there are any other ways that are giving me good signals?

    Thanks again, guys, I really appreciate it!

  8. Parabol - most of the sites already named have some good education. You may also want to check out Trade Prospector at http://www.3mtrading.com for trade selection and planning - you can use the program to look for candidates and define trading plans yourself and/or use their swing trading bulletin. The index stock swing trading bulletin has been especially useful (I particularly like doing the QQQ, SMH, and BBH).

    Good luck.
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    i would suggest sixer.com you can try it free for two weeks without credit card info. another one is www.signalwatch.com
    you can view their picks one week back and they provide intraday alerts too.
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