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    Hi guys:

    From your experience, as far as trading of NYSE (or even Nasdaq) stocks is concerned - what is a realistic "average" annual % return that a "decent" trader can expect from Swing (2-5 days) vs. Intraday trading these days?

    Could one say that one type of trading is more advisable and/or profitable than other or both can be equally valid if someone knows how to do it?

  2. From my experience, mind you that I am not an expert but I am the kind of person that likes to get to the bottom of something before I decide to get into it.

    It is my understanding that to maximize your returns, you need to have a combination of both day trading and swing trading.
  3. I saw a recent Elite Trader Poll (someone may still have the Link)

    And who knows how accurate it really is because you have to depend on most of the particpants being honest.

    It said approx 24% of the Traders hit 100% to 150% return for a year.

    I have talked to traders that are able to do 100% or around that a year, most those guys have been trading for 3 years, and have experienced the up and downs.

    And then the rest 75% in varying grades of lower return or loss.

    Now might be a good time to start, we may have some up side after the festivities in IRAQ.

  4. Id stay away from swing trading until we get the uncertainty out of the way regarding the war.. whther you are holding shorts or longs overnight, any news positive or negative can cause the market to swing alot causing a large loss..
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    IMHO, the key is holding both overnight. That atleast allows you to hedge most of the market risk.
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    Agree with cheeks on this one. Presently have 8 longs, about 6 shorts, short one gold stock which does not fit in any category. If you mix and match NYSE and NAS get a relatively even mix. NAS generally fall much faster that NYSE, keeps drawdowns to a minimum. Up days the greater # of positions offset the shorts.
    Bad part is smaller percentage profits compared to daytrading,
    good part is very seldom do you lose $.
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    has an article about correlation between each hour of the trading day to the end of day result.

    Conclusion is daytrading intraday trends does not have enough statistical edge to be profitable.
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    Thanks to everybody who took the time to reply to my message..