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    It seems that the majority of posters here are daytraders, but I do see a few fellow swing traders.

    I would like to ask swing traders, if they don't mind sharing, three questions.

    1) Entry, and more importantly exit AND stop loss strategies.

    2) Favorite indicators that you would "almost" swear by.

    3) Most importantly for me, how do you find the most perfect setups for swing trading? Do you use software? Do you just follow the same stocks all the time? This is definitely my most lacking part of my trading. Saying the obvious for a swing trader, in an upward trend, buying weakness. In a trading range, buying support, shorting resistance, etc... How can I find these??

    Thanks so much in advance for sharing and continuing to make this my favorite site concerning trading/ researching.
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    I use 15 minute MACD with 5 stocks. AM either long short or a combo. I currently use


    Bert:D :D :D
  3. Despite the fact that I slammed Trade Station in a previous thread, my swing trading has improved considerably since I began using their product. The difference is that I can test my ideas and see what types of markets they might work on. If you aren't already using something, I strongly urge you to get back testing software. There are many options on the market.

    When I first got TS I immediately programmed my favorite strategy into the computer and discovered that I had negative expectancy on my target time frame. I was surprised since I'd been using a variation of the same strategy successfully on a longer time period.

    As for indicators, entries and exits I promise you you don't have to find the "perfect" combination. It just doesn't exist, and you'll waste your time trying to find it. You can, however, find a combination that you are comfortable with, and that's what really matters.

    I know this doesn't answer your questions, but trust me, there are better answers to be found within your own creative noggin, than from a guy named after a tiny blue creature...one apple high.
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  5. For trading index futures.

    Entry - breakout from a high higher than the high of the previous two trading days.

    A) Exit - break below the low of the previous day.


    B) A point pull back from high based on % of Average Daily Trading Range for the last five days.

    whichever comes first

    Visa versa for short trades.


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