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    I'm interested in comments on this fairly short Wikipedia article on swing trading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swing_trading

    Having read through it a few times now myself, it seems pretty clear and I've even applied the EMA calculation to Google over the last couple of months. Is the article oversimplifying things, or can you reasonably make use of mostly just the EMA if you're only looking back two or three weeks?

    One thing that did put me off was the two external links were just to sites trying to sell you something rather than providing any readily apparent real information. Instead I found stockcharts.com's discussion of moving averages much more useful: http://www.stockcharts.com/education/IndicatorAnalysis/indic_movingAvg.html

    Anyway, I'm obviously quite a newbie to this kind of trading, so any input you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    If you are interested in swing trading, go to the following website:

    Click on "Show all trading systems" and look for a system called "Extreme-os". This system is not mine, but very similar to how I trade.

    At the bottom of the page you will find a list of closed trades. The best education you can get is to study them carefully. Look at daily and intraday charts. What is happening daily, what is happening on entry day in terms of follow through, that would trigger a trade?

    Chart these trades on a daily timeframe. Look at Stochastic RAWK. Look at deviation from MA. Then look at intraday. What's happened? Does this give you some insight into when to enter? (Hint: when everyone else is panicking out.)

    Look at the stocks themselves. What characteristics, fundamentally, do they share?

    Also look at exits. Very important. Why does he exit quickly. (Hint: Take your profit and move on. Hit many singles and doubles, and be happy with it.)

    Everything you need to know about a good swing trading system is there in front of you.

    Good luck.
  3. Hey lindq,
    You must have failed to read the above in Cruzan's post.
    Looking at your url, I continuously stumble across "SUBSCRIBE NOW!" thingies. :D
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    It is not my URL. I have no association with Collective2. Don't belong, don't subscribe, don't know them.

    But this is one of the few sites where new traders can look at what trades have actually gone down, and learn something from them, without having to register or pay.
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    interesting site lindq, thanks for the link.