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  1. Hi, I am sorry if this has been asked before. But can you make a good profitable income by swing trading? All I ever hear about is Day traders. I am not interested in Day trading because I have looked into it and see the Risk. And its not for me.

    From my understanding you can check your stocks once a day on swing trading, Adjust your stops and let it go. Are there any successful swing traders here that would like to share there success with me? How much % Back did you yield per month? What was your profit vs your losses.? Would love to hear from you! Thanks!
  2. Sometimes stops don't work. I had it happen to me three times with 2 different brokers before I gave it up. Lost alot more on each of those snafu's than I ever did at daytrading an entire day.
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    I'm more of a swing trader. While you don't get yanked by the minute ups and downs, you still have to watch your positions. Your post makes it sound like you think it'll be easier. It's not. If your motivation for a time frame is for "less work" (my words, not yours), you probably shouldn't be in the markets.
  4. My motive isn't exacly less work, its 2 jobs. I plan to start out with 5,000 dollars, and possibly throw in anywhere from 500-1,000 dollars a month to trade in.

    I have a friend that swing traded successfully and he said its all about risk management, doing your stops right, And correct technical and fundamental analysis on all the stocks. He said he would win 3-4 more times then losing. But unfortunately he is way to busy to mentor me.

    He kinda just pointed me in the right direction so I am seeking further guidance. So I want to eat up all the information I can on swing trading. From what I have read day trading is way more dangerous, Takes all day. Swing trading you only have to "Adjust" once a day, but doing the other stuff is a must. I have no problem with work just want to invest my money into something I can manage with 2 jobs.

    I am also looking into options which my posts there are under the Options forum. I was going to try a few ideas out there, And if they don't work I will resolve into swing trading. Thank you for your replies
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    I don't understand why one would want to subject themselves to the vagaries of global markets. I prefer to close all positions daily.

  7. That is a very good link, Ya he ingrained that into my head the most. He even designed his own Risk Calculator and is going to give it to me. Thanks alot for the reply!

    Now back to my question, Are there any successful swing traders here? And if so what did you average per month on a yearly basis? Thanks!
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    Hi! kbehr,

    If you sell options against LEAPS, with an account greater than 25k, you can close every time, more, few time during the day the short side of the position.
    Forget the long side. It just stay into the portofolio like a garantee. "Writing Covered Calls", or "Selling Calls Against LEAPS", is the exact word name of the strategie.

    [ If a trader have less than 25k, close the position the next two day - to avoid Day Trading Pattern ]

    signé Artes ; http://dot-circle.net/coveredcall.html [FR]
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    There is more risk involved in swing trading than daytrading, by every sense of the word "risk." Your stops are wider and you are exposed to overnight gaps, through which your stops won't be useful. I suggest you learn more about the different kids of risk inherent in diffrent strategies before you assume swing trading has the best risk profile for you.
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