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  1. Hey All,

    I want to start this new swing trading journal. I have been playing around with many swing trading strategies over the years and have come up with a method that I have been comfortable executing.

    Here is how it goes:

    I look at the 10ema, 20sma, 50sma, 200sma on a chart. I look how the stock acts off these ma's and i typically enter on a buy or sell stop. Its a discretionary strategy and i look to get out after 2-10 days in duration. Ideally looking for 5-10%+ gains.

    I also try to tie everything with basic chart analysis and patterns like flags, channels, bases.. etc

    What I like to see is the stock curl or about to bust through one of the MA's. Also look at support and resistance of the MA's.

    I will post the setups and trades each night.

  2. Trapper


    Good luck Mike! I look forward to your journal.

  3. I filter all stocks over $5 and atleast 2mil avg daily volume. I also trade options sometimes ( mostly buy puts). My account size is $22k right now.. and i typically enter between $5-10k position.. depending on market environment and correlation of stocks. I use tc2000 and IB as broker.
  4. short setups:

    gs, eog, aci, cat, amp, iyr

    i will look to short them once they break previous days low tomorrow morning.

    no longs.
  5. No entries today because lows were not taken out in AM. For tomorrow I am looking at the same stocks from yesterday and want to see todays low broken prior to entry.
  6. Point Hunter

    I’m looking forward to your journal. I also swing trade.

    Best of trades to you.
  7. Here are some more shorts I will be adding to the list.. again looking for todays low to be broken in order for me to enter.

    Shorts: aapl, csx, rcl

    Still no long setups.
  8. shorted iyr, rcl. Didnt take csx because of gap down. Still keeping my eye out for shorts on list if they take out previous days low.

    no long setups.
  9. PaulRon


    Have you compared 20ma with 21ma? 50ma with 55ma? I find a bit better correlation with the "fib" ma's. Happy trading
  10. Interesting- dont think it really matters at end of day.
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