Swing trading with a prop firm?

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  1. Hi all,

    I have about $15k in capital I wouldn't mind committing to a prop firm or LLC.

    I trade stocks only. Sometimes I day trade on news several times a day, and other times I'm swing trading over the course of a day or days and other times I position trade for days to a couple of weeks. Because of that my trading style is all over the map. It might be active trading (though no scalping), or dead on my part for a day.

    So I guess my question is, I like the idea of more leverage(10x-20x) during the day, but I'd also like the option of keeping that 10x-20x leverage over several days. Do prop firms/llc's allow one to keep this buying power overnight to several days or even weeks?

    Also, I read about deposits in order to trade with some prop firms of $0k-$5k usually. Should I assume that I am not allowed to trade with that deposit? In other words, if I have $15k laying around am I giving them a $5k deposit and then I trade based on a 10x-20x multiple leverage on the $10k?

    And finally, do I pay interest on the 10x-20x leverage? Or am I instead paying them a percentage of my capital gain? (assuming a gain) for the higher leverage? Or both?

    I've been trading at home for 10 years now so I don't want/need courses on how to trade. I want to trade remotely (at home). I also don't want to be told what to trade or how frequent to trade. I simply want the higher leverage power for not only a day but several days or weeks.

    So are there prop/llc firms which would meet these needs? I'd even be interested in retail firms that allow an overnight position of over 2x margin if any exist.
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    The 20:1 is all based on your deposit, so if you put up 5k, that is all you need to trade 100k, with 10k you can trade 200k. Some firms do offer overnight, but never 20:1, usually 4:1 or I have seen 6:1.

    Most prop firms do charge interest on overnight leverage, but not intraday.
  3. intra-day leverage is flex.. overnite, usually max 6-1 , even hard to find. most firms want you flat at the end of the day.. unless your licensed , then usually a few firms will offer it.. it depends on your style, & what stocks you trade. all retail firms offer 2-1 overnite margin. you put up risk capital ( deposit) to receive 20-30- 1 or higher intraday buying power , depending on your style & need. all deals are negotiable..
  4. We have quite a number of swing type traders, and we go up to 30 to 1 for (hedged) overnights. Send me a PM with any questions.

  5. let us what u find