swing-trading versus investing

Discussion in 'Trading' started by indioo, Jun 24, 2003.

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    we all know more than 80% of traders dont survive and many have put in a lot of effort for a path to success. If these individuals had put that much effort in doing homework before investing they would have likely made money.

    Investing is easier than trading due to the time constraints that people have to deal within the trading environment. More knowledgable investors as a percentage make money than say traders. So why bet on a losing team when a good and time tested method is within your grasp?

    I myself believe in technical analysis along with fundamental analysis for a swing trading/ position trading strategy. Im a newbie and after going through alexander elder's book and the archives of this board i have come to this conclusion. I'll screen stocks with good fundamentals who are technically oversold and than hopefully sell for a profit.