swing trading versus day trading

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  1. I lost alot of money daytrading, and I heard swing trading is more profitable, as you can do that while holding a full-time job that pays the bills more or less.

    so I am looking for experienced swing traders who have tips for swing trading. Money management is ofcourse different with swing trading. Stops are usually larger than day trading. How large should they be?

    Do you pyramid or scale out of swing trading positions to make stops smaller (exit at b-e for example?)?

    What target do you hold? Same as in daytrading, hold until good resistance or when short hold untill support?

    Is the ES a good instrument to swingtrade with, or should I move to ETF's or others with less leverage?
    Should I worry about more slippage with swing trading I.E.I am holding overnight and there is less liquidity when my overnight stops get executed.
  2. Swing trading is no different than daytrading other than the timeframe. Select your stops and targets based on a good volatility analysis and u will be fine.

    Do not risk more than 2% of your capital on any one trade.
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    this has been discussed many times before.

    there are technical elements in both. trends, support/resistance etc.

    there are differences.... players are different... therefore emotions are different (easier to read than intraday in my personal preference).... position trade also has a 'fundamental' part to it, not in the sense of P/e ratio etc, but in the sense that you have a reference of what the players are doing (or being forced to do).

    instrument doesn't matter.

    I actually think for a trader to mature, it's good to get practice in intraday first, because one gets so many set ups. vs if one starts from swing/position, it would take much longer to understand the technical part.

    to the OP - if you lose money intraday, you probably don't understand how the market work yet. you will probably lose money swing..... you should be able to at least break even intraday to have a chance in swing.
  4. lack of volatility and liquidity right now in day trading, stick to swinging
  5. Trading is trading regardless of the time frames. Prices are a product of supply and demand. The same rules apply to trading almost anything. Discipline is key.

    Brendan P. Byrne
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    for obvious reasons swing trading is more dangerous than scalping if you lack discipline...much more likely to go bust.

  7. hey newbie care to show ur trading records?
  8. Are you asking to see my trading records? Sure!
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    Well, where are they?
  10. Sir,

    I trade during the day. I do, however, take time to post on this site. I basically do it to avoid over trading.

    You will have them by days end.

    I have to figure out which format to post them in. I can create a fil from the Epiphany Prop Reports, but the files can be huge.

    Brendan P. Byrne
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