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Discussion in 'Trading' started by daniel33, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. I decided to make a transition from daytrading to swing trading the e-minis.

    Particularly to lower commission costs and avoid the constant sitting on the computer and perhaps to increase profits.

    I'm planning on using the AHG method described by Anekdoten, mostly the buying the dips on uptrends and shorting pop ups on downtrends.

    I would sincerely appreciate any tips experienced e-mini swing traders can provide to this humble trader.

    Thanks in advance for your time and guidance.

  2. D,

    Nothing changes except that you should adjust your trading size due to the obvious larger stops which are of course balanced by monstrous targets.
    You will experience far less choppiness in the bigger charts too. Intraday has far more noise.
    Averaging up is extremely potent in swing trading so make sure you are aware of this once you become more experienced in the field.

    Funny you ask this now because for AHG v2.0 I am planning a great deal of swing trading for it.

    Best of skill in your transition.

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    Have you decided on a time frame or are you just going by daily charts? I think what you're doing make sense as I work full time so can't babysit my positions all day. Swing trading is something I'm gravitating to, as well.

  4. I do this exact strategy.

    Be aware that it ONLY works in clear trends, so it's vital that you spot trends, and where's no clear trend (as now).
  5. Use three time frames.

    One for trend definition, 240 min.

    One for trend confirmation, 60 min.

    One for entry (your choice 5 min 15 min), on this one try to get a reversal formation on an important level so you actually get double confirmation on your trade.

    Secure profits as the position moves in your favor while still allowing ample room for things to work assuming the trend is still going.

    Ultimate discipline with your stop, no averaging down no widening your stop as you get more experienced average up.

    If trend is up, buy support.

    If trend is down, short resistance.

    If no trend but a consolidation channel, act accordingly.

    Lots and lots of patience.

    Hope it helps.