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  1. Recently I decided to venture into swing trading, as written in my post

    So I have been on the lookout for swing trading system vendors.:DI found the blog called Quantifiable Edges and the difference is it gives a set-up based on statistics rather than just.. having a system
    I followed the last few posts and the blogger said based on statistics the FOMC day would most likely close bullish, and by god, it did, while every other candle this week was red! Is this the HOLY GRAIL?:eek:

    It is even selling a "Big Time Swing System" for less than $2000. Obviously I'd rather not spend that amount of money, but since it is said he gives 42 pages of REASONING, and he uses profit factor and sharpe ratio statistics (the statistics that Traderzones says you need to have), it would be a very interesting venture from my discretionary ways into mechanical trading.:)

    Has anybody tried this swing system, let me know! Or should I be more skeptical about these vendors...??
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    Anybody there?
    Does anybody swingtrade instead of daytrade find this guru interesting?
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    I can't understand why somebody would sell a system that worked? You ruin the system with everyone piling into entry and exit points, and you could make a mint if you kept it to yourself. I'll predict you'll waste money purchasing it...just my two cents.
  4. It's a swingtrade system so liquidity shouldn't be a problem???
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    I've got a futures swing trading system that works great and have no desire to sell it; so I'm just basing on my own experience of not wanting to ruin a good thing.
  6. Do you find trading gaps are a problem? Would you consider Forex which is open 24 hours a day instead to counter that problem?
  7. accordding to research next few days are bullish not bearish
  8. oh my god, his system was profitable again!:eek:
  9. oh my god amazing buy that thing will ya.
  10. omg his system worked again? today was a very good day to short! trend day down even till the very end! is this guy a GENIUS? :p
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