Swing Trading (PA+TA)

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Aphex, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Aphex


    I’ve been a long time reader on ET and finally decided to start a journal, mainly in order to rationalize my own ideas and gain insight from other members.

    I’m in the software industry and mainly do consulting for a few IT niches. I started investing about 10 years ago, doing some on my own, but mainly handing over my money to midsize-large investment firms, who’ve done a mighty fine job of losing it for me. About a year ago I decided to become more involved in managing my equity and have been going through the learning process since.

    I’m concentrating on becoming a successful short term swing trader, but I do occasionally take intraday position trades. I mostly trade equities/equity options, but will occasionally mix futures trades. Mostly I rely on price action and price action patterns, but I do glance at a few moving averages, CCI, and MACD.

    My equity/futures universe contains around 2500 symbols, and I screen multiple time frames daily with my own custom software. After I’ve gotten some results, I manually screen these and will plan out my trades for the following day.

    As of right now, I think my biggest problem is being spooked out of positions before they hit my stop loss, just to have them move like I had expected. My biggest goal for this month is to stay in.