Swing Trading Journal.

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  1. Hi all!
    I am new to this site not new to trading though, I would like to learn more ofcoarse I am looking to create a "Holy Grail" but ofcoarse everyone know it is impossible, but you can't complain about at least trying. This thread will be mostly swing or guerilla trades. Comments are welcomed.
  2. Well the first stock on my watch list is AZPN I have 500 shares so far .

    Hold time around 1-3 days
    Exit- 1)12.90 thats were the next resistance is at.
    2) 13.55 the next and last exit point.

    Please see the attachment for the chart and it is 20 SMA, line on the graph.
  3. jsmooth


    good luck, i'm looking forward to the journal.
  4. This is my second choice not in in though


    Enter: 12.26+ (above the orange line)
    Exits: 1)First yellow line 23.6% fib retracement from breakout
    2)Second yellow line 38.2% fib retracement from breakout
    3)Third yellow line 61.8% fib retracement from breakout

    Support: 1) 11.85 ( the red line)
    2) the white trend line
    3) 20 MA (there was a bounce of the 20 ma today)

    Recommended holding time 1-4 days

    Slow stochastics: 72.66
    RSI: 66.65
    CCI: 143.69

    For best results enter if the volume is going to be high on the breakout.

    Comments are welcome, please see the chart!
    Good luck!
  5. MLNM

    Bullish Engulfing, spring

    Enter: on the next green candle
    Exits: 10.35 and 10.55 respectfully (the yellow lines)
    Support: 8.90 White line

    Grey line was the short term support was broken but the next day there was an up day which indicates a possible spring.

    Slow Stochastics: 15.01
    RSI: 43
    CCI: -80

    Holds 1-5 days. ( the low indicators show that this might be a long bounce up..........well lets hope so)

    PS the volume was up today which indicates good buying at this support, best of luck!