Swing Trading Global Markets - WILD Approach

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  1. gmst


    This journal is an experiment to swing trade global markets on a base of 30k paper money. Maximum DD allowed-70%. Target gain is 10x capital, that is 300k USD. Let us see how long it takes to convert 30k into 300k, swing trading global markets.

    Trade 1: Short 1 contract ES at 1675.
  2. gmst


    2 short cars at 1666.5. Already had 1 short ES position from 1675. So, total of short 3 cars.
  3. gmst


    Bought all 3 back at 1649.

    Paper profits on 1 car = 1675-1649 = 26 points
    Paper profits on 2 other cars = 1666.5-1649 = 2*17.5 = 35 points

    Total paper profits = 26+35 = 61 points
    = 61*50 = 3050 USD

    So, current account balance = 30,000 + 3,050 = 33,050 USD

    :cool: :cool:
  4. gmst


    Trade 2: Now, Long 2 cars ES at 1650
  5. gmst


    out of these 2 cars at 1687

    PL = 1687-1650 = 37*2 = 74 points
    = 74*50 = 3700 USD

    So, total capital after trade 2 = 33050 + 3700 = 36,750 USD

    :cool: :cool:
  6. gmst


    Trade 3: Short ES 2 contracts at 1687
  7. gmst


    Adding 2 more short at 1694, so total of 4 short now
    original 2 short from 1687.
  8. This trade is why your 4 other journals have failed and you are now trading paper.


    The higher low has been established and the trend is up..why are your shorting into that? wait for a lower low or a lower high..
  9. gmst


    Not 4 but 2 and they failed because of excess leverage and excess INTRADAY trading. Btw, I do trade intraday real money but have not really traded much swing with real money. So, want to practice swing trading through paper money and see how it goes - with limited leverage.

    Why I am shorting?? - Just to book some profits from a normal pullback, we had an almost 57 points move in 3 days in ES. I know doesnt sound very convincing reason, so I am definitely going to be alert on this trade.

    Actually, maybe I should be long and pyramid up. Since I have been long from 1650 actually and booked profits yesterday at 1687!!

    Thanks for your interest in my approach :) Appreciate it.
  10. I know you were doing quite well which is the only reason I was following this. Then I was pretty disappointed to see you put on a short with a confirmed higher low in and then add..at any rate best of luck to you.

    for what its worth my target of initiating a short would be about 173-175 spy
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