Swing Trading Futures emini S&P 500

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  1. Swing Trade. Emini S&P 500, 12 days in the market.

    This trade was made on Jan 21/2010 (Emini S&P 500). I only traded 1 contract since this was a pullback short play on a long term up trend. Shorting 1 contract at 1110.5, with a protective stop loss at a technical point. Soon after that the market continue the small down trend move, 12 days later I noticed a reversal candle with a clear macd/price divergence. This was enough reason for me to close my position (05/02/2010) at 1059.50 for a 50.50 points move during 12 days and a profit of US$ 1.003 after commissions. Look a chart below.


    There are always micro down trends inside a clear up trend that a trader can profit if you know how to do it.

    Stay tune for more.

    Humberto Malaspina.:)
  2. I am looking for an entry in the emini s&p 500 for a swing play, as soon as I get it I will post it here.

    Humberto Malaspina.
  3. The profit in the chart above is US$ 2.518 (after commissions). My mistake. Sorry.
  4. From now on, I will post here real time entry, stops and exit with no chart for emini s&p 500.

    Humberto Malaspina.
  5. I am still wating for an entry for my next swing trade in the emini S&P 500. As soon as I have it I will post it here with comments. In the meantime I want to share with you this article I wrote.

    "The force behind the markets. "

    It happens all time, day trading, swing trading, scalping, people looking at their screen during market hours, some do it at the close, some do it during night hours with every stock, futures contract, forex or whatever they can trade. Everybody is looking for the same thing; To make money. But many people lose money trading the markets. Why is it so difficult?. Well, I do not know the final answer, believe me, I do not know it, but the truth is only a few keep all the profits.

    I wrote this article to share with the world the unique force behind the markets and that is A TREND. That is all. Look no further. Stop looking for the holy grail because there is none. Stop all the mambo jambo with the technical indicators, use as few as you can, I barely use one. Please keep your trading strategy as simple as possible, focus your attention in price action (trend spotting) and volume, done, end of the road. Look at this picture, 12 years ago when I started trading you could see me reading every book about trading, joined all the trading forums I could find, used all the technical indicators my screen could hold, spent hundreds of hours trying different and complicated trading strategies, the answer, I was just losing money until it dawn on me. After all this huge effort I made trying to understand the markets I can tell, it was worth it, I only had wished I had a mentor to spare me all the pain. The very simple truth is that the market is random with a trending component, you just need to find that trend and trade it using very simple rules of entry and exit with risk management depending on the amount of capital you have to trade. For god sake, it is that simple.

    You just need to use the force of a trend in your favor to make money in the markets. Stop trying to catch top and bottoms, nobody can predict the future, just follow the trend and surf part of it. There will be always a new trend to play so stop trying to make a killing. Think in terms of cash flow and think of trading as a business; cash flow is for a business as blood for the human body.

    Robert Kiyosaki says you only remember 10% or so of what you have read after one week of reading it. Well print out this article and keep it for you to remember the real force behind the markets.

    Humberto Malaspina

    Taken from Humberto Malaspina Swing and Day Trading Futures Newsletter.