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    Anybody here have an opinion on a good equities swing trading course or if such a thing even exists? I was looking at Dave Landry "The Mentoring Sessions" but it's a little pricey for what I wanted to spend, but something like that with a complete methodology that has solid principles. Thanks.
  2. These courses are only going to tell you want to want to hear. Either that or tell you something you already know.
  3. Why not start with a few swing trading books at a fraction of the cost and see where that takes you :)
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    Books would be ok too. I've read The Master SwingTrader by Alan Farley and it's pretty good but I'm not into price patterns too much. Maybe I should be? Any books with all the essentials for a swing trading plan including all the details? Thanks.
  5. I doubt you will get one stop shopping with books or the complete picture. But they can give you a good framwork off of to jump start your own ideas. Thumb through a few to get the juices flowing...
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    Thanks Nkhoi
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    Yes I'm wet behind the ears, just enough to know that I'm gonna lose my a_s if I don't get disciplined and get with a methodology that has a positive expectancy and that I can duplicate over and over again. Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. I personally like Alexander Elder's books. He's actually a real trader while many other authors are just "vendors."

    The tendency for new traders is to focus on the "how to" stuff while completely ignoring psychological aspects. Don't do that. I recommend Mark Douglas' books for this.
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