swing traders trading equities long term

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by coolweb, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Looking to chat with some people trading long term (3-6 months timeframe) 20-30%

    short term swings ( 3-5 days) 7-10% gains (spikes)

    to identify up and coming hans / aapl/ ts / etc..

    identify market trend changes
    share other info/experience.

    Also looking to start researching on ARB on foreign markets. May be an interesting thing.

    must be decent traders please. I bring some ok shit to the table :) so bring your game.

    pm me , chat on AIM / ICQ / YAHOO etc.
  2. Did some searching and thought I'd bring this back, because I'm a swing trader and I'm looking for other traders on here that have an average hold time of >= one month.

    Most of the day trading threads I cant really relate to. If your one of these types of traders, PM me or post here. I'd like to have a list of names for personal preferance.