Swing traders --question

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by pbw, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. pbw


    For swing traders,

    on a normal day, how many stocks do you generally look at -- and how many stocks do you generally trade per day.

    RIght now I am looking at about 25 or so -- but feel that is not enough --as I don't seem to be finding good swing trade stocks.

    comments appreciated.
  2. IMHO swing trading is for bull markets. I once made 29 consecutive swing trades and then my system went to hell.
  3. How are you defining swing trading?
  4. Boib


    I have trouble keeping track of more than 10. Seems whatever one I'm watching does very little and the ones I don't watch take off.

    How do you look after that many? Are you placing buy/sell stops to get into the market?
  5. I only look at ones i plan to enter. Use a scanner - either automated or by hand, set alerts for when the stocks hit your criteria, then execute

    not always that simple, but that's it in a nutshell. I have 5 Level II screens, no watchlists
  6. Boib


    Must be very stressful, do you set mechanical or mental stops? Are you swing or day trading?
  7. dac8555


    I started with a general scan that started with aboyt 150 stocks (at thier 52 week high or low on increasing volume and eps moving in the correct direction for the trade, i also look at money flows in and out...everything must move in teh correct direction). I then look at tecnicals to calculate a good en try or exit.

    the universe has been narrowed to about 25 or so that is edited each week. some come in, some come out. it hink that is a good number...hard to look at too many.

    I am market neural...or close do it depending on the day. right now slightly more long than short.....