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    Can somebody please share knowlegde or experience about vector vest
  2. I looked at it a while back, it may have some usefull fundamental information, but my experience was that it was clueless as to insights as to stock direction.

    All IMO only
  3. Relies too much on fundamentals for my taste. I'm a strict technician; charts don't lie, fundamentals (as they're presented) do.

    Pro forma, EDITDA, earnings less special charges, special charges less one-time expenses . . . you get the picture.

    OHLC on a chart is where the rubber meets the road.

    For 30 a month you can get TC2000 - a great technical package with all kinds of scanning plus custom scans etc. I've been using it over a year and find it invaluable.

    Also price tends to run ahead of fundamentals on expectation, usually too far, then a correction. That's shown on a chart and is tradeable.
  4. Tech Analysis .. I am just starting to play with TC2000. Do you have any favorite scans or suggestions that have been working good for you?
    I see the need for a good scanning program for both day and swing trades. I am also looking at Stock Watch Pro but I have read some negative reviews about it. Thanks for any help