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  1. Trying to get a consistent trading system going and have been messing around with different indicators and candlestick patterns. Its hard to day trade or watch the markets all day with a 9-5. Wondering if anyone has a swing trade entry/exit strategy thats been consistent and produced good results. Appreciate the feedback!
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    it doesn't work like this... check my 'trading is easy' thread.... it's about unfolding stories based on the narratives they push, the sentiment of the dumb money, and the price action.... like a poker game.

    you don't see poker guys play based on some 'indicators'.

    it's not easy.... will take years of training, many reiterations of how the stories are played out, then you will learn how these things work.
  3. I use the heat map in Bookmap to get a clearer view of were the area of majority buyers/sellers and check if this price will hold in accordance to past behavior. UNIT@DXFEED_screenshot_20190220_143641_478.png
  4. %%
    Then dont daytrade. AS far as swing trading; borrorW or buy IBD[Investors Business Daily/Weekly ] books-most private + public libraries have them.

    Use cash; or dont hold SQQQ as much if FED tries to game the shorts @ 200 day moving average.LOL-LOL I am usually much more long going into summer; but like the hedge fund noted ,he keeps a small position long= too hard to get in on a market turn, even when he is bearish.And pre-election years tend to be super strong.

    Avoid long single stocks trash like TSLA; even more so when the CEO mr Musk lies, SEC fines them $40,000, 000, + WSJ runs articles about bad TSLA customer service.IF they replace mr Musk with Larry Ellison-that could be a game changer??:D:D,:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    There are plenty of ways to trade profitably on EOD data, but they are very boring for someone trying to work a second career after the markets have closed, and needing to feel like his fingerprints are on the pie he's baking.

    If you can filter out anything that requires intraday data/signals/trades -- if you can just IGNORE all that "exciting" stuff -- then what you're looking for will stand out a lot easier.
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  6. %% Another big problem now;
    its late in the year[past mid point /+]
    late in the day
    late in % gain cycle for trades.

    BUT if QQQ closes up+ i was long nothing i would buy/invest a share or maybe more depending on how much money i had to lose= never invest or trade on money you have to have. Do i exspect QQQ to close up today, about 75/72 mintes minutes to close Up ??,?????? YES; but not not a prediction

    Good thing about investing that is better than trading; less commissions+ if i had a non random ability to buy the QQQ HI/52 week HI for 40 year$ , most likely become a millionaire. LOL-True:caution::caution:, :caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:,:caution::caution::caution::caution::caution: LIKE Mark Levin says ''GO:caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:''
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  7. %% SORRY SPY edited] but not QQQ took out[went lower] open price, since i forcasted it would close up today ; that is short term bearish for daytraders. but still most likely will close up for today 70or 65 minutes till close.
    NEVER try to trade /invest on an employers dime; unless its coffee breaks/your oWn time.
    Trade/invest from long side; you may want to risk some profits on SQQQ, but short systems never have made what longs do:cool::cool:[Edit note if QQQ takes out ye$ter days low today,[NOT likely ]with 57 miNutes til close i would wait + buy later in week.:cool::cool:, :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    Not an endorsement of using such an indicator (consider support & resistance) but the ParabolicSAR on the daily chart, is somewhat along the lines of what you are hoping to find. Looks like the attached chart for the aforementioned QQQ.

  9. Hey Mario0887 it's nice to see you active on the board.
    Instead of coming up with a swing trading strategy like "candle stick breakout" you want to exploit some behaviour or inefficiency in the market. For example, you might think a particular market has asymetric information flow. To take advantage, you would do a trend following/ momentum strategy.

    An inefficiency might be 2 ETF's with 90% cross over are trading at a wide spread. You can take advantage of this by doing a spread trade in hope the ETF's will move back together.

    Using a strategy without knowing the reason why it works is a recipe for disaster. Just ask all the rookie technical analysis traders. Here's the pdf I mentioned to you last night about some trend followers.

    Another way to think of it is, you get paid to make the market a more efficient place. Find out who your customers might be and provide them a service. Maybe its liquidity providing or trying to keep an asset in line with fairvalue/relative value.
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