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Discussion in 'Journals' started by loungin', Dec 18, 2003.

  1. loungin'



    This is my first attempt at a swing journal. Unfortunately I won't have the time to justify all my trades, but I guarantee I will post my entries and exits in advance.

    Attached to each post will be a complete XLS file.
  2. loungin'


    Coke looks like a potential short.
  3. Albert


    I don't understand your spreadsheet. Where is coke? Is there an order for it somewhere? I looked at the line denoting the 19th but can't find it. Am I missing the point?
  4. DK_


    What I want to know is did you mean BBBY? on the line "Pre-open: Thurs, Dec 19,2003"

  5. loungin'


    I didn't actually short coke, I just looked at it. I consider it a little risky because it's such a well known company and with the declining dollar some investors might pick it up.

    DK, yes I meant BBBY. I seem to have a knack for typos.
  6. loungin'


    New format.
  7. loungin'


    Slice values will be updated after the holidays.