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  1. There was a similar thread a while back, but it didn't get much response. Anybody have any swing sites that they'd recommend (besides hardrighedge and daytradingstocks)?
    (I'm much more interested in education than stock picks.)
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  3. Oops. I did actually know that - i just can't type. I'm reading his book right now.
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  5. Great book - Master Swing Trader. Excellent site too.

    There's one called timingwallstreet.com but lately it's been devoid of real good trades; just market commentary and a message board. Mike Swanson's the owner.
  6. Tech,

    Yeah, I've never heard anything but good things about hardrightedge, although I haven't joined.

    Mike Swanson - I remember that name. He came on the board a while back and did a lot of "subtle" advertising. And he claimed to be making stellar returns (w/o margin I believe) - 800% in a year, etc., etc. So I kind of wrote him off. But one thing that stuck with me was his swing trade philosophy. I did agree with that - I just didn't feel I could trust what he said.

    So did you feel that for awhile he had something to offer? Was his site actually good for awhile?
  7. He was making great calls for a a while, from about early 2000 until this summer. Now all he does is basically stay on the sidelines while a lot of opps go by. It's not as active a site anymore. In fact I gave it up last month due to the stagnation.

    There's a new one called leavittbrothers.com that caters to swing traders; he used to post public charts at StockCharts.com.

    Jason's the name, I believe. Good technician.
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    Speaking of stockcharts, these are the best swing charts on the net....for free.


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