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    on a 30 day swing which do you think has a better chart for going long:



    thanks in advance...
  2. Why a 30 day swing?

    What kind of money (% return) are you trying to make?

    I could not go long on ILA right here 4.10 currently unless I was willing to stop out at 4.02. For a swing trade I would much rather get long at 4.61. I don't like the looks of the weekly chart on it right now but that could change rather quickly.

    Also, PLUG needs to trigger at a different price than where it is now for a swing trade for me also.

    Please answer my questions from above.

  3. lindq


    I would bet on PLUG. A wider range, and a pullback from an MA.

    ILA is flatlined at the MA, and not worth the risk.

    Although, neither are anything to get very excited about.
  4. Canibus


    O.k. here it is:

    ILA: (Day order)
    The daily trend is up with a Swing trade buy signal at 4.08 and 4.15. Much mo upside potential. Still not overbought just taking a breather before the next breakout.

    PLUG: (Day order)
    The daily trend is down and is now oversold in the channel.
    Expect some upward movement soon.
    Sell @ 7.15
    Swing trade reversal long entry at 7.30 & 7.49.

    Blaze one fo Johnny
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    :D Too late. We already saw the "T-REX".
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    thank you all... appreciate the insight...
  7. ILA price in a narrow range, breakout more likely in 30 days. Plug the better company of the two.