Swing/Position Trades

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  1. Eyeball with occasional eyestrain.

    Long candidate: ITG
    #71     Apr 4, 2002
  2. mbs


    i position trade using interday, daily, weekly realtime charts...no system...

    i take it the 'systems' generate buy and sell signals:confused: ?

    #72     Apr 4, 2002
  3. Yannis


    Yes, most systems give you detailed signals: entries and exits; in addition, most give you stop loss, some even profit targets.

    Yet, there are other systems that only help you to enter - and it's your job to exit gracefully.

    And, speaking of systems - does anyone here know of a good service to swing- or position-trade index stocks like QQQs, DIAs, SPYs? Any experiences? Other information sources?
    #73     Apr 4, 2002
  4. Without trying to be flippant, the best service is an experienced money manager with a track record of making money.

    I don't know of a tip service with a verifiable and consistent record of profits
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  5. Long 500 SPY 112.35
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  6. Long 300 ITG 48.48 - partial fill. this is gone
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  7. mbs


    don't like to keep asking dumb questions but what is tip service...?

    anybody think today's late turn has legs tomorrow?
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  8. "Tip" bad choice of words on my part, a trading advisory service. Dave Landry has a solid,clear and good methodolgy for swing trading stocks.

    Sold SPY 112.90 +.55
    #78     Apr 4, 2002
  9. I have done some position today:
    in altr at 22.01 and sold at 22.40
    also xlnx and nvda done some short team MACD entering
    #79     Apr 4, 2002
  10. Short 500 RYL @93.95
    position -1000 average 91.90
    #80     Apr 5, 2002