Swing/Position Trades

Discussion in 'Journals' started by dgabriel, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. You must be referring to intraday charts. I am keying off the dailies.
    #41     Apr 2, 2002
  2. Yannis


    Although I mostly daytrade stocks and futures, here are some of my swing trades:

    short the SP since 4/1 at 1143.3
    short INFY since 4/1 at 64.46

    I also got a signal to go short the DIA this morning, but it was a bad print at 100.33 (never got there.) Despite tons of $$ I'm paying to Realtick, I still get those occasionally and it REALly TICs me off! :)
    #42     Apr 3, 2002
  3. Sold Klac breakeven
    out ROOM -2.5....oww

    VIX getting to the upside, plus NAZ move nowat bottom of the channel. Watching for indications of selling letting up over this week.
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  4. dstod


    Bought MLNM at $20.75

    Aggressive play as the MACD is trending down, but I've been waiting patiently to get back into it after selling at $24.50 a couple weeks ago.

    Will place my stop at $19.95.
    #44     Apr 3, 2002
  5. Yannis


    Shorted QLGC at $48.56

    but I'm a bit concerned...

    how much lower can this market go? :)
    #45     Apr 3, 2002
  6. Always more than you expect :p
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  7. mbs


    looks like a good short to me...would add at 46, then on break of 44...
    am short qcom, ebay, brcm...

    added to qcom short at 38.50 today, short at 40.12 from last week

    ebay shorted today at 55.00..wish i'd sold more but am self-financed.

    good luck

    #47     Apr 3, 2002
  8. mbs


    hourly measured move on qlgc short is down at 46ish which conicides with daily support...
    #48     Apr 3, 2002
  9. Yannis



    My current system only looks at price movement, ligns up 15, 5 and 1 min charts, dunks the whole mess in a MACD, Stoch, OBV, etc soup, stirs (faster in am and slower in pm) and then rings the bell.

    Wish I had a "pattern recognition" spoon to take something out (e.g., when daily support is met or a double bottm is formed) before the next, trend-driven bell :)
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  10. Yannis

    What is the current system you're referring to ?
    #50     Apr 3, 2002