Swing/Position Trades

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  1. A thread my trades and stocks/sectors under consideration. Everyone is free to post and any commentary on the content is welcome.

    Current positions:

    KLAC @64.35. Stop 62.10. 1st target 67.
    BDK @ 47.75




    MOLX long over 35.10
    FLIR Long over 54.60
    COST short under 41.

    Less specific:

    INTC short
    FRX long on a break above its range.

    Homebuilders. BZH PLTE RYL LEN seem to be undergoing high level distibution after a 6 month run-up. Worth watching for short opportunities.
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    FWIW, BZH is no longer shortable at IB. I'm pretty sure that it was available a month or so ago. Sounds like it may already be getting shorted heavily, but is holding up well apparently.
  3. THey're all shortable through my clearing firm ICS.
  4. MorganG1


    Are you using tick level mf to check the distribution or what? (I am also looking for shorting opportunities; though there is significant upside risk at the moment--may stocks are in BFs--April puts on select stocks don't have a lot of vol factored in thou)
  5. I am looking at the daily charts. Price and Volume
  6. No trades today. FLIR traded above my trigger but I did not take the trade

    Open Positions long:


    Homebuilders breaking down. Did anybody get short here?

    Leaving for vacation this weekend so no new positions tomorrow, will return March 25.
  7. KLAC: closed trade Monday 3/18 @67.35 +3.
    Holding BDK

    Returning from vacation 3/25
  8. SHort EMLX 1K 30.15

    Target : 26
    Stop: 32.30
  9. .04For this week and next:

    Defense stocks

    Short LLL. Looks like a double top. Ideally, I would like a pullback and then enter a short on continued weakness.

    ATK Short . Looks like it broke off the shelf.


    I went on vacation just as I noted stocks in this sector about to retreat. BZH and LEN look ripe for even bigger moves. High volume on the topping phase, lots of funds taking profits.

    Oil Service: APA Long


    KLAC in a pennant. Will trade it whichever way it breaks.

    Current positions:

    EMLX (second position 500) 1500 short @30.24

    BDK 100s long @ 47.70
  10. BDK looks good now for a long.

    Will probably gap up tomorrow AM (tues) if market is not tanking like today.
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