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  1. So I have made this request before without success but I'm being persistent as I'm sure there are some folks out there who are looking for the same thing. "Ask and you shall receive."

    I would like to connect with some quality folks who follow and trade the markets from a macro perspective (mainly focus on US stock market indexes, gold, oil, bonds and/or currencies). It doesn't really matter if you use futures, options, ETFs, etc. to execute on these ideas.

    The main goal would be to assist each other periodically on idea generation and help each other improve processes, mental game, reveal biases, etc. If you're someone who has some experience but is trying to get to the next level, then maybe you're the right fit for this. This isn't meant to be some formal commitment or anything like that. I just know that I need some other people in my trading circle in order to get to that next level.

    For full disclosure purposes, I view the markets daily (but I don't stare at screens all day as I have another career (work from home) that is the primary source of my income. I have a fairly extensive technical analysis background, teach behavioral finance at the MBA level and focus on momentum-trend based strategies, looking for mostly swing and position trades with the occasional day trade.

    My initial thought is that Trillian IM might be a good way to communicate ideas, share charts, etc. but other options such as Skype, etc. could work too.

    If interested, feel free to PM me. Thanks!
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    Uhh, that's kind of the point of the EliteTrader site. There are many swing and macro threads to follow and contribute to.
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  3. Not really. That's not what this is about.
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    Are you a discretionary trader or are you looking to develop rules based strategies with clearly defined entries and exits?
  5. I am discretionary but have specific guidelines and strategies, particularly on the entry side (but can always use improvement in the processes, etc.).
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    Every so often there's an ET thread similar to this. "How 'bout if the really good traders all meet up with me at my secret tree-fort."
  7. Low volatility in markets is spilling over to create broad trading ranges in other macro markets. Spill over trend following tactics don't work in this scenario or climate. So you will see lots of chop back and forth where stops are hit at the periphery of ATRs.

    Breakout of hostilities is the only catalyst on the horizon.
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    Is there anyone out there who can stay on the right side of, make sense of , and take trades in all those markets at once with discretion?
  9. correlations help with this.
  10. You can simplify the process by having consistent chart templates and processes to review the macro themes. I think it helps to review them from a weekly perspective, at the end of each week, but then review them daily. That way, you're coming into each day with a perspective and the trends that may already be in place as well as an idea of where possible support and resistance may be.

    The reason for my posting this thread is that I am not as good as I want or need to be yet. And as mentioned, I have another business / profession which is my primary source of income so sometimes the demands of that may mean that I'm not able to stay on top of everything at the level I want to and/or my mental bandwidth is a bit compromised. I'm not looking for someone else's strategies or indicators -- I'm very comfortable with mine -- but for me it's all about surrounding myself with people who also want to grow and get better -- so the idea of being able to push each other to get better, stay disciplined, improve processes, etc. is what this is all about. I don't know many traders so sometimes I feel like I'm on an island on all of this -- so I'm just trying to find one or more like-minded people who are positive and committed to getting better and who think they can benefit from having some periodic interaction with another trader.

    Is that so wrong?
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