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  1. I'm going to try posting longer term trades than my initial journal and see how it goes. It took awhile to build capital back up to trade more than just minis, but I'm back to it and am going to use this as my blog since I don't feel like finding out what a blog is or how to use it. Comments/criticisms are welcome. I'm not necesarilly going to give my justifications all the time just the trades, and people can jump on me and tell me I'm wrong or how to improve, which is always welcome.
    Start off with trades from last week:
    B 1000sh csco at 19.13
    s 7 cisco aug 20(cyq hd) calls at .30
    B 10 Pfzier 27.50 Mar06 calls at 1.50

    S 200 CSCO 19.35 +.22(2) - $4 comm. = +40
  2. Took 100 more off in after mkt at: 19.73 = +.60
    +60-2 comm.= +$58. Running total= +98
    ANd now I see if I get killed this morning.:D
  3. B 1000 CSCO $18.50, was willing to give it .10 against
    S 500 CSCO $18.65 +.15 +$75 - 10 = +65
    S 500 CSCO $18.70 +.20 +$100 -10= +90
    Running Total = $253
  4. B 500 CSCO 18.25
  5. You a funny guy. Thanks for taking it out. Yes I do chase, but I'm comfortable with what I do and it has been profitable.
  6. Is he talking to himself:confused: :confused:
  7. You know you have been in front of a screen too long when you talk to yourself.

  8. r-in


    Nope, sorry thought I had figured out who he was and was giving him the business. My buddy is a CSCO nut and trades about the same way and I know has an alias here. I called his office to tell him I was harrassing him while I was posting, and got a message he was on vacation until the end of the month. OOps. Sorry
  9. B 1000 CSCO $17.70..
  10. S 500 at 17.80 = + .10 = $50 - 10 com = +$40
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